Why Do These Guys Love Their Ram ProMaster?

Here at Byers Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram we are aware that you need to find the vehicle that's perfect for you. We know how important it is that your vehicle fulfills your driving needs. The guys at Silver Moon Brewing in Bend, OR have gone through the same process of finding what works best for them, and chose something that works best for their business.

They drive their Ram ProMaster around the state to meet up with their customers and create a unique experience for the. Watch the video below to see why this vehicle works for them.

They installed beer taps in the side of their ProMaster and poured beverages for their customers right from the vehicle. Talk about unique marketing. And all that was made possible by the ProMaster's front wheel drive, great gas mileage, and immense cargo space.

If you want to know more about new Ram vehicles, come on over to our Columbus, OH dealership.

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