When you hook up a trailer, you might need to hook up brakes and other systems for better control.
Ram is right with you.
Ram offers the Trailer Sway Control and Suspension Sag Prevention features to help you manage your full load.
After hooking up your Gooseneck or Fifth Wheel with the Ram's Cargo Camera, you are almost ready to head up to the cabin.  You might be driving up or down some high mountains.  The Trailer Sway Control prevents you from tipping over.  While you can feel your truck easily, it can be more difficult to feel your trailer.
Ram also has a feature to prevent Suspension Sag.  This can naturally put an undue amount of force on your truck's shocks and struts.
You still want to enjoy a smooth ride as you head up to your lake cabin.  Thankfully, with the Ram 2500, you have all you need.
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