Jeep Shows Off SRT Hellcat Powered Trailcat

Ever since the Dodge brand unveiled the SRT Hellcats in 2014, we've wondered what it would be like to have such a potent engine powering a Jeep SRT model. Earlier this year, we got our wish, when the brand's boss announced a Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat was in the works. Before we get that, we're getting another treat: the Trailcat Concept.

In case you're wondering no, the vehicle you see above isn't the forebear for a production model (that we know of). Instead, it's a prototype for the Moab Safari that's being held in two weeks. We'll no doubt get to see it and its 707 ponies of awesomeness in action there (and will update you accordingly). As for the prospects of driving a high riding stretched Wrangler--well. We'll keep dreaming.

If you're dreaming of a powerful vehicle for you and your family's needs, we have no shortage at our Jeep dealership in Columbus, OH. Although, with so many trims and options, the process can be overwhelming. Fret not! Our sales team is here to help. Contact us at your convenience.

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