Holiday Road Tip Preparation Guide

The best time to be preparing for incidents on the highway are long before you leave for that holiday trip. Here are some things you might overlook as the day to leave to be with family and friends fast approaches.

The last thing you are thinking about right now is checking the spare tire, but better now to make sure it has air than to find out on a deserted road it is flat too.

Be sure you pack a box with some emergency essentials that range from flashlights, road flares, toilet paper, gas can, gallon of engine coolant, and plenty of tools.

Packing a roll of duct tape because it can repair a number of things on your car from a broken windshield wiper to a leaking radiator hose, allowing you to get to the next service center.

Come down to Byers Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram so our techs can give the vehicle a complete road trip checkup.
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