Tips for driving with food this holiday season

Food spillage and loss of its thermal temperature are two of the devastating aspects tagged along when you incorporate food into your holiday journey. Food, essential parts of our celebration can never be left out. So how exactly do you make it less devastating? Here’s how:

Cotton insulation

While shopping for your kitchen accessories, consider purchasing cotton insulation for all your food travel needs. Cotton may come in the form of a towel, cotton balls, and any other handy cotton fabric. Wrap your packed food with the cotton and later pack. Your food will maintain both its warmth and flavor when dishing it out to your friends and family.

Cling film seal

Most of the times a lid is just not enough. Rough rides make them fall off. To prevent it from happening wrap your food tins firmly with a cling film all around and be sure to get to your destination with zero spillages.

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