The Chrysler Pacifica Changes Car Trips to Adventures Instantly

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is a fantastic minivan. Most people with kids understand how difficult it is to get them to quiet down while in the car. Kids need constant entertainment and are always carrying stuff around. The Pacifica has got you covered.

The van is spacious and can sit up to six people and a maximum of seven. Chrysler minivans offer rear-seat entertainment to aid parents in keeping kids under control in the car. The Pacifica has 10.1-inch seat-back-mounted touchscreens available.

The optional UConnect Theater package comes with the touchscreens that have checkers, tic-tac-toe, and the license plate game. It also has a Blu-ray player and individual HDMI inputs and headphones as well. The checkers game is multiplayer, so you can let the kids compete as you take your family trip.

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