Avoid Distractions While Driving On Halloween

Finally, Halloween is just around the corner. For the kids, it is a fun-filled day. For the parents, it might be stressful as one prepares the child and lets them out at night. For the drivers, it will be a challenging night.

The night experiences heavier traffic than usual. The residential areas are filled with kids of all ages up to around 9:00 pm when the trick-or-treater's game comes to an end. A driver is required to drive with extra caution.

To avoid distraction at all cost for the sake of the child’s safety is necessary. At Byers Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram we advise that the drivers should do the following to avoid distractions while driving.
• Do not drink and drive. One cannot concentrate on the road when buzzed.
• Avoid using the phone while driving. If you must, park the car on the roadside, make the call or text and then continue driving.
• Keep the pet -- if any -- in its crate.
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