The Dodge Charger and Challenger Now with AWD

The muscle car family is all new with AWD. Dodge is the only car maker that has AWD for American muscle cars. Both Dodge Charger and Challenger has models with all-wheel drive instead of the standard rear-wheel drive. However, some muscle car fanatics still want that rear-wheel drive burnout and power.

You still get rear-wheel drive with most of the Challenger trims. AWD only comes with the Challenger GT trim. However, Charger has multiple models with AWD. The base Charger model packs a huge punch with 292 horsepower, and you can also purchase the SRT Hellcat, which has 707 horsepower output.

Dodge is known for its muscle car strength. In fact, the Charger SRT Hellcat puts out so much horsepower and torque that it can run a quarter-mile in 11 seconds. The steering is sporty and precise while the ride quality is smoother than in previous models. You can test this Charger and Challenger at Byers Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram located in Columbus.
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