Ram ProMaster Has Many Unique Durability Features

Perhaps the biggest reasons why the Ram ProMaster is rated a popular cargo van this year has to do with the durability features. Here are a few things you'll appreciate in your cargo van.

The new Ram ProMaster has put a tremendous amount of focus on increased driver visibility. By combining a much short front-end, larger windshield, and the raised driver seat, now the driver has a much high vantage point when behind the wheel to control the van more easily.

Another durability feature in the Ram ProMaster is the AntiLock Brake System. Now you won't have to worry about your cargo being damaged each time that you tap the brakes. The van will gently come to a stop and works hard to eliminate sudden stops.

If you want to see these and other durability features in action, stop by Byers Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and give the all-new Ram ProMaster a test drive.



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