Choose the Right Look for Your Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango has several appearance packages to choose from if you like driving in style. The black-accented Blacktop Package and the polished look of the Platinum Anodized Package are two flashy color schemes among them.

The Blacktop Package is an option available for the Durango's SXT Plus, GT, and R/T models. You get glossy black 20-inch wheels and matching accents on the Durango's side mirrors and badges. Combined with the Redline Red paint option, the Blacktop Package results in a sporty red and black style.

If you'd prefer a polished chrome look, the Platinum Anodized Package will achieve that style. It adds platinum chrome accents to both the interior and exterior of the Durango to give it a classy look otherwise reserved for the Citadel model. It also includes lower side sills and second-row chaptain's chairs.



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