Innovative Seating and Door Designs Make the Ram ProMaster City Stand Out

The 2019 Ram ProMaster City is a stylish urban hauling vehicle. In addition to offering robust power and safety features, the 2019 ProMaster City also makes life much easier for both vehicle occupants and for cargo. Features such as foldable passenger seats and specially built loading doors help to make this possible.

Even though the 2019 Ram ProMaster City is an expert in the cargo hauling business, it also goes to great pains to make things more comfortable for passengers. To this end, the 2019 ProMaster City includes seating for up to five adults. Plus, the ProMaster City rear seats bring specialized folding capabilities to the table. This capacity allows ProMaster operators to configure their interiors in up to 9 different ways.

2019 Ram ProMaster City operators can also benefit from the specially designed 60/40 split back doors. The specialized ProMaster doors can open to a maximum range of 180°, thus making it simple to load bulky items. Vehicle operators can also lock these doors open at 90-degree angles, a feature which makes using the passenger side access doors for deliveries pain-free.



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