Dodge Durango Features By Package

Dodge Durango Blacktop Package

You have to look at each Dodge Durango by its package. They all come with different features, and that is why we are looking at them one-by-one. The Blacktop package is a great example because it has the black exterior edges and the gloss black exterior mirrors that contribute to the name that has been bestowed upon it.

Dodge Durango Brass Monkey

This one is known for its brass/gray appearance all the way around. It has 20x8 inch brass monkey bronze wheels and coloring that you just won't be able to take your eyes off of.

Platinum Package

You guessed it, this one has a platinum coloring all the way around. It is a classy vehicle that people really like because of its incredibly bold features including the color.

Each of the packages has their own upsides, and a lot of the decision-making comes down to which color preferences you have.


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