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2017 Jeep Compass is One Superb Small SUV, Says MotorWeek

Are you shopping the compact SUV class for your next vehicular purchase? Well, if so, please allow your buds here at Byers Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram to throw you a bone:

Ours, the 2017 Jeep Compass, should most certainly hold a spot on your short list.

Why, though?

Please allow the pundits over at MotorWeek to provide some context. Their appraisal of the Compass is as follows:

While we've little doubt the Compass's entry-level engine should suit the needs of most shoppers just fine, others may yearn for something with a bit more brawn.

And that's precisely…

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Ram Trucks are Made for Towing

Do you tow for a living?
You might own a mechanic's shop or small business.  Or, if you own a landscaping business, then the Ram truck might be ideal for your towing purposes.
The Ram most definitely has towing on its mind, as it boasts one of the most stable, versatile and powerful towing systems around. 
Its available Fifth-Wheel/Gooseneck Prep Group includes an integrated bed panel.  This allows you to configure the towing parameters just as you need to.
Connecting is a breeze with the Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL) Camera. Your color display allows you to expedite…
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Get Your Ram Today!

If you've always wanted a Ram but never quite had the time to try one out, watch this brief video and then come down to our showroom.
And let me tell you: the Ram is the truck you'll want to have in your garage or on your driveway.  As you can see, it's perfect for the general contractor with kids and a family.
You'll love the way you can drive off in this baby and feel like you're perfectly in control of where you're going.  You will also appreciate how easy it is to…
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Trailer Sway and Suspension Sag Hate the Ram 2500 Truck

When you hook up a trailer, you might need to hook up brakes and other systems for better control.
Ram is right with you.
Ram offers the Trailer Sway Control and Suspension Sag Prevention features to help you manage your full load.
After hooking up your Gooseneck or Fifth Wheel with the Ram's Cargo Camera, you are almost ready to head up to the cabin.  You might be driving up or down some high mountains.  The Trailer Sway Control prevents you from tipping over.  While you can feel your truck easily, it can be more difficult to feel your…
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Get to Know the 2017 Ram 1500

The process of buying a new vehicle can be difficult for a lot of people.  There are many different variables to consider in your decision, and a lot of people simply want to take all of the work out of the process.
Our location is dedicated to providing quality customer service to you during this process.  Buying a new truck should not cause a lot of stress in your life.
The Ram 1500 is a great model to consider if you are looking to upgrade your truck.  With all of the new features in this vehicle, it is a great…
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Chrysler collaborates with Google to create self-driving 2017 Pacifica Hybrid

We know we've been talking a lot about the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica lately, and we promise we'll change it up soon, but some news just came across the desk this week that was too cool not to share! Remember Google's autonomous car project, you know, the one that's potentially going to revolutionize how we drive or rather, don't drive. Well this week, Chrysler announced that it will be adding 100 2017 Pacifica Hybrids to Google's fleet and collaborating directly with its engineering team to make the Pacifica Hybrid into the minivan of the future…

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Enjoy Supreme Comfort in the Jeep Grand Cherokee

We certainly understand that your car is a sanctuary. It's your chance to drown out the outside world and just hit the open road. And, the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee makes sure that your every drive is a comfortable and enjoyable experience!

New for 2015, the Grand Cherokee features an Active Noise Cancellation system that prevents outside noise from invading your personal space. Additionally, the Grand Cherokee is equipped with a long list of amenities such as a Harmon Kardon sound system, adaptive cruise control and rear-seat entertainment system!

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Bring Joy to Your Drive in a 2015 Dodge Charger

Since its arrival, there's no doubt that the 2015 Dodge Charger has sent shockwaves throughout the automotive world.

Simply put, the 2015 Dodge Charger is the hottest thing on four wheels! The sports sedan delivers simply breathtaking power and performance and a modern, feature-rich interior!

At its modest base price, the 2015 Charger is a great choice for commuters and performance enthusiasts alike!

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2015 Jeep Cherokee is a Top Choice Among Crossovers

Just last year, the Jeep Cherokee returned to the road after a decade-long absence from dealerships. And, the crossover's revival was an overwhelming success for Columbus, OH drivers!

It's our belief that drivers are flocking to the 2015 Jeep Cherokee due to its combination of comfort and capability at a reasonable starting price.

The Cherokee features a standard four-cylinder engine, but drivers can upgrade to a Pentastar V-6 engine that creates 271 horsepower and swift acceleration through its nine-speed automatic transmission.

As to be expected, the Cherokee also offers outstanding off-road performance, especially when drivers upgrade to the…

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